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About Us

We are a Veteran owned and operated Mobile Media Blasting Company.We would like to extend our services to the local area businesses and residence. Please watch some of our informative videos so that you can fully grasp all the opportunities dustless blasting has to offer! Please feel free to spread the work of the services we offer to everyone you know. No job too small or large. Send us invitations to bid today! Or simply request for a Free estimate!

Thank you,
James V. Ammons III 

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James V. Ammons III

James is motivated with quality and reliablity as his strong suits. He is a US Army Veteran Serving in the Georgia Army National Guard in which serving over a year in the combat zone as a All-Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic before transfering to the Army Reserve to complete his 10 years of service. He uses all of his past experiences as strengths to better himself as well as the company.